Custom earmoulds

Custom products include in-ear monitors, musicians’ and industrial ear defenders, surfers’ and outdoor swimmers’ ear plugs, all of which require a top-quality impression of the ear.

I can advise on all aspects of custom devices and supply you with the impressions needed.

The ear needs to be wax-free to take impressions.


Surfers’ ear (exostoses)

Broadly speaking, exostoses is bone growth on top of existing bone and can occur on any bone and is often found in the ear canal, the hip and the feet.

The exact causes are not certain, but surfers’ ear (exostoses of the external auditory canal) generally happens in individuals who have had repeated exposure to cold and wet conditions.

Exostoses is not exclusive to surfers and swimmers…

Anyone whose ears are exposed to mainly cold and often wet conditions can suffer with acquired exostoses, such as frequent walkers. Once established, exostoses in the ear canal is a permanent feature, which can continue to grow even after exposure to conditions has stopped, ultimately resulting in serious complications and a lifetime of surgical interventions.

Prevention is better than a cure…

Customised ear plugs are an efficient and elegant means to help protect against the build-up of exostoses. They are also customisable in terms of colour and the amount of external sound they can let through and can be secured to wetsuits or outer garments via a leash.

No two ears are the same and a custom-made product is unique to the contours of your ear which, in my experience, provides a much more secure and comfortable fit than an off-the-shelf product.

We can provide you with top-quality impressions and advise on custom products.

Please contact us with any queries or concerns regarding exostoses.