Ear wax removal, hearing tests, tinnitus therapy and ear wax microsuction in Helston, Mullion, The Lizard and Porthleven

Cornwall based Qualified Audiologist

Peter Holmes

MSc. Mental Health Science, BSc (Hons) Audiology, Cert. Health Science

Expert hearing care from a registered clinical physiologist

Welcome to Headland Hearing.  Headland Hearing is one of the only private audiology practices on Cornwall’s beautiful Lizard Peninsula offering a range of services, including private ear wax microsuction and comprehensive hearing tests.

Ear wax has many benefits, but can easily build up, causing discomfort and hearing loss. Hearing aid users can be particularly prone to wax issues and benefit from regular removal. Time is taken to fully discuss your areas of concern, prior to examination. Any ear wax can then be removed, using safe and hygienic microsuction, allowing a thorough examination of your ear canal and ear drum. High-definition images can be recorded, if required. If wax is not the issue, or problems persist, we can measure the mechanisms of your middle ear using tympanometry, and provide hearing tests, to confirm the status of your hearing. If warranted, we can then provide a comprehensive onward referral to your GP.

Comprehensive hearing assessment using standard, pure-tone audiometry with air and bone conduction and middle ear measurement using tympanometry. We can provide a full onward report for ENT consultants, as required.

We offer relaxed and unhurried appointments at our comfortable premises in Falmouth, with easy access and free parking directly outside, or in the comfort of your own home, in the Helston and Falmouth area and throughout the Lizard Peninsula.

Your health is our utmost priority



Microsuction is a non-contact, safe and hygienic method of wax removal. The whole process is performed using top surgical loupes, under high magnification, resulting in the full, clear visualisation of the inside of the ear at every step.

Unlike syringing, there is no pressurised water being forced into the ear which, given the delicate structures involved and with the ear drum not in view, is not a risk-free procedure.

                                                                                                                                    Hearing tests

Ear examination, full history and standard pure-tone audiometry using air and bone conduction. Middle ear measurement using tympanometry, if warranted. Onward referrals as required and reports for ENT consultants, as requested.



"I was worried about having my ear suctioned but Peter made me feel so comfortable and explained everything before he started that I felt immediately at ease. Professional and friendly."

Nicholas, Dec. 2021

"Peter provided a home visit to remove earwax for an elderly relative. He was punctual, polite and completely self-contained. He took time to discuss all our queries and couldn't have been more helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending him for all things hearing."

Liz, March 2022